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Parenting Advice for New Programmers

I’d like to share some parenting advice if you’ll humour me.

My Mam shared this with me the day my first son was born and I think it applies to new programmers as much as it does to new parents.

These are both fields of endeavour filled with experts, some actual experts but more often self-imagined. 1

You will find yourself receiving advice from these experts, a lot. Some of it you may have actually solicited, more often though someone will have wandered into your conversation or overheard your child cry from a nearby restaurant table.

The advice is simply this: say thank you, and move on.

You’re free to ignore the advice if it is irrelevant or you know it to be wrong. The expert might be well meaning, so assume they are. The expert might be actual, but they almost definitely aren’t.

My Mam made clear I could apply this to her future advice, and every now and then I do. And you should apply it to mine because though I usually do mean well, I’m rarely an actual expert.

  1. Those people that believe the way that happened to work out well for them in their one specific situation is the one right way to do it for everyone in every situation.