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Why Can't We Just Pay for Free Unlimited iCloud Storage?

Over the past few years Apple has proven that they’re willing to try charging higher prices for iPhone. Just a couple of years ago the 6S plus was priced from $749, a year later the 7 plus was available from $769 and now the 8 plus is on sale from $799. Meanwhile, the market has shown it’s happy to pay those prices and I suspect it will prove so once more with the impending $999 iPhone X.

What I’d like to see next year is for Apple to charge us even more money for phones that don’t cost them anything extra to produce, and here’s why:

The experience of figuring out that you might need an iCloud subscription, figuring out how much space you might need, paying for it, dealing with the inevitable failures to renew when your card expires or your balance is low, and getting warnings about backups failing is awful. I’d love to see Apple try to figure out the cost of providing all new iPhone users with unlimited (with an asterisk that says there’s actually some limits) iCloud storage and build it into the price of the phone.

I pay Apple $35.88 for iCloud storage each year, I’d happily pay $99 more for the phone instead.